Dealing With Insurance Companies Is A Hassle

Let the experts at Choice 1 Restoration do it for you!

Most of our restorations are insurance claim jobs.  We are experts at spotting and classifying weather and other types of damage and we know the ins and outs of working with all major insurance companies.

Often there is little or no out-of-pocket cost to our customers!

Ensuring That Northeast Ohio Insurance Adjusters Perform Proper Inspections

When dealing with damage to a roof or the need for roof contracting services, many property owners in Northeast Ohio will try to bill through insurance to minimize the expenses on their part. This is only in a perfect world, however, because most insurance companies make it difficult to receive full coverage, but Choice One Restoration is here to make sure our roofing services are covered to the maximum extent of your policy.

When the adjuster from your insurance company comes to your Northeast Ohio property to conduct an inspection, we will be onsite to oversee the process and hold them accountable during their estimation. Our roofing experts will make sure the adjuster examines all roofing materials, gutters, pipes, flashing, and notes all damages, assuring the adjuster also recognizes said damages as functional damages so that they are not excluded from coverage.

Everything will be heavily photographed and documented at the Northeast Ohio property to make reviewing what should be included in your claim as straightforward as possible.

A Middleman Between Insurance Carriers and Our Northeast Ohio Clients

Our commitment to customer service doesn’t stop once the adjuster leaves your property, because the insurance process is just getting started. From start to finish, we will be there every step of the way, acting as an advocate for our homeowners during negotiations with insurance carriers regarding what will be covered. You will rarely have to speak with an insurance agent during the process, let Choice 1 Restoration deal with the headaches and hassles that insurance companies are known to inflict on their customers.

Once an agreement has been made, we will handle contacting them to secure supplemental service coverage for any additional issues that may pop up. We work hard to fight for coverage and maintain communication so that our Ohio homeowners are not left with any unforeseen expenses.